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Walking and Hiking Safety Tips


Getting lost is just one of the things that could happen to anyone, especially when on a walk or hike in unfamiliar areas. Experience aside, it is best to err on the side of caution and keep these walking and hiking safety tips in mind.

Be prepared. Wear good quality walking or hiking boots and clothing suitable for the weather. Bring a rucksack or backpack where you can put essentials including a map of the area you are headed to, a compass, water, food, waterproof jacket in case of sudden shower, and a first aid kit.

Check weather forecast and make sure to bring appropriate rain gear and insulating clothes.

Walk or hike with a buddy or a group. Avoid venturing out alone. For solo walks, make sure to inform someone about your plans including your destination and the time you are expected back. Stick to your planned route.

Stick to the trail. Avoid getting lost by staying on marked trails.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Remember landmarks and make sure that you are following designated trails.

Know basic outdoor skills. Learning essential outdoor and wilderness survival skills is the best way to prepare yourself for any situation.